Why Use ProActivate?

ProActivate does exactly as our name says. We proactively are searching for potential hires for your business generating sales, marketing, operations, service and leadership talent leads. Our structured and rigorous 3-step process includes in-depth interviews, both in skill-sets and mindsets of events, and simulation evaluation. We are a small talent acquisition hiring recruiter conquering large tasks to provide businesses with top talent.

What Makes ProActivate Unique?


Our focus is on hiring the best and upgrading the rest. We provide qualified candidates to leaders proactively and consistently thereby protecting the leader from lost revenue and productivity of a poor performer, open position or the potential of losing a top performer. This provides a higher return on time and financial investment. Our in-depth process of qualifying candidates increases probability of productivity and retention and qualifying candidates proactively and consistently protects the sales leader from lost revenue and productivity of a poor performer or open positions.

We have dedicated talent managers that will your Ideal Candidate Profile that meets your specific needs and expectations. Your Talent Manager will customize Recruiting Strategies based on your specific Ideal Candidate Profile. They spend 1.5-2 hours with each candidate conducting a customized in-depth behavioral interview assessing both mindset and skill set including simulation evaluations of key components of the position. Your Talent Manager will deliver a minimum of 3 qualified candidates to you within 3-4 weeks maximum of receiving the request. We are so confident in our services that we guarantee the hire and won’t stop sending you candidates until we do achieve the hire!

If you are looking for top talent, contact us today. We work nationwide and globally to fill any position that supports revenue generation!  


3 – Step Process

We are not structured at all like “headhunters” are. Our process is much more in-depth than any headhunter’s. We go after top employees at top companies to ensure we provide our clients with top leads. ProActivate’s focus is on sales recruiting for all businesses. Each organization is provided with a dedicated talent manager that develops an ideal candidate profile to fill the position that meets your specific needs and expectations.

Step 1: Set Criteria for Hiring

Our unique model is the next generation of sales, marketing, operations, service and leadership talent acquisition. Rather than relying on other recruitment models, we qualify talent through an in-depth, precise methodology based on behavioral modeling.

A talent manager will interview top sales performers within your organization and observe the first one to two rounds of interviews. This allows us to provide and receive feedback to find the ideal candidate based on the candidate profile built. Based off of the feedback gathered during the interview process, we customize Recruiting Strategies. Using our guidelines stated in the recruiting strategies, we can develop a comprehensive plan to define role specifics, requirements to ensure we only meet the sales management prospects who meet or exceed the criteria in search of.

Developing recruiting strategies goes to show just how dedicated we are to filling your open position with highly qualified leadership. ProActivate delivers top-tier talent with the expertise you need to drive sales higher. We take pride in knowing our clients hire every one out of three candidate we recruit for them.

No matter where your business is at in its development, we treat the talent seeking process as if we were doing it for our own company. ProActivate will bring you the sales talent you are looking for that matches your company’s criteria.

Step 2: In-Depth Skill Set and Mindset Interviews

From there, your talent manager will spend 1.5 – 2 hours with each candidate conducting a customized in-depth behavioral interview assessing both mindset and skill set.

Step 3: Simulation Evaluations

During the behavioral interviews, we do simulation evaluations of key components of the position looking to fill. The simulation evaluations allow us to get insight as to how potential hires would be in the fielded area. We can provide more detailed feedback to you about the hiree based on the simulation.

ProActivate provides three qualified interviews per position and does so within a few weeks of receiving the request. Our timeline has a relatively quick turnaround time as we want to help grow your business and fill the position as soon as possible.

ProActivate focuses on helping businesses grow their revenue and protect it with top performers who can match or succeed their growing businesses expectations. We are familiar with the Dallas and surrounding area business communities and recruiting methods. That is why we break tradition and search for those candidates who are not actively searching and conduct a three-step interview process before presenting our results.

Let one of ProActivate’s executive recruiters find the talent you didn’t know you needed with our in-depth talent search. Hire the best, upgrade the rest with ProActivate.