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We recruit top sales and marketing talent to growing organizations
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ProActivate partners with forward thinking companies in the global marketplace. We provide the top-shelf sales, marketing, sales operations and leadership talent you need to amplify your message, leverage your position, and expand your base. Our unique model is the next generation talent acquisition. Instead of relying on outmoded and unwieldly recruitment methods, we qualify talent through an in-depth precise methodology based on behavioral modeling digging deep into both skill-set and mindset and simulation evaluations.

This allows us to offer only the most qualified professionals for your continuing strong growth along with the science to prove success.

Our specific role is that of building and protecting your company’s lifeblood – the sales funnel. We provide a pump primed with high performing sales, marketing, operations, service and leadership talent so that your company is insulated from lost revenue due to sales slot changes such as retirement, promotions and unexpected leaves. By replacing key players with top notch sales professionals who can quickly fill the gaps, we help you continue to expand and grow.

No company is immune to team turnover. Conservative estimates reveal that the sudden loss of even one top-tier sales performer can cost an organization $1 million or more, when factors such as lost opportunities, time and resources needed to fill an open position, and ramp-up time are considered. The stakes are just too high to leave to chance. Forward thinking companies understand they must be proactive to protect their ongoing revenue streams. Call (214 720-9922) today and find out more about taking your team to the next level.

What’s the buzz about Proactivate?

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“ProActivate has been an excellent partner in helping us identify strategic hires in key markets, both at the direct sales representative level, and for an addition to our executive sales leadership team. Our Talent Manager took the time to understand our culture and presented candidates who were a match not only in skillset, but individuals who also exemplified our values. In looking for a sales talent acquisition partner who listens, is extremely responsive throughout the process, and who consistently delivers high quality candidates, I would not hesitate to work with ProActivate again. As this was my organizations first engagement with a talent management firm of any sort, we could not have asked for a better partner!”
VP of Sales, getAbstract, Inc.

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