Testimonials – Mindset Training

Mindset-Training1What people are saying….

“Jamie recently spoke to our team about ‘Peak Performance Mindset ’ and inspired all of us to take control of our thoughts, improve our focus, set goals, and make a difference by having the right mindset. We learned that people with a positive mindset even live 7.5 years longer than those without one! This training was an outstanding motivator for our group. I’d highly recommend it for your team if you want to encourage them towards greater success! ” Bronwyn Allen, President & CEO of High Profile Staffing

“I absolutely loved the Peak Performance Mindset (PPM) workshop I attended. Jamie Crosbie was our lead facilitator and she did a brilliant job. Jamie made the workshop incredibly interactive and a great deal of fun. I am a huge proponent of PPM because it truly reinforces all of the core messages I have delivered over my 25 years of leading/growing peak-performance Sales teams for F-500 companies. It is crucial that your team has a true mindset for optimal success, is preparing to win and eliminates all of the “Stinking Thinking” regarding self-doubt. Jamie really provided some exceptional tools to help our team reach its full potential. When you expect great things, you plan for great things and you create an environment for great things to thrive – Great things will happen! I would highly recommend Jamie and the PPM workshop!” Christopher Plumlee, President of Elevate Strategy Group

“I am so grateful that Jamie Crosbie came to present on Peak Performance Mindset with our Sales team at Encompass Home Health. She was a powerful presenter and really opened our eyes to the importance of a positive mindset and how it can impact our performance. The presentation was extremely interactive which challenged each of us to start thinking with a different mindset right from the beginning. Since the presentation, I have heard such positive feedback from all levels of our sales team, from the corporate leadership to the local area managers. I have no doubt that implementing the key concepts we learned from this training into our daily routines will help us to improve our sales leadership styles, our daily sales calls, improve our meetings with current and potential referral sources, and further solidify our overall success. Thank you Jamie!” Jenn Bialkowski, Specialty Program Manager at Encompass Home Health

Mindset-Training2“I had the opportunity to attend Jamie’s Peak Performance Mindset workshop and walked away inspired! She explained how a person’s mindset directly impacts their performance and gave us the tools to think like a peak performer! Jamie is passionate, engaging and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this training to any individual or team!” – Callie Miller High Profile Staffing

“Jamie’s presentation on having a Peak Performance Mindset challenged me to engage in “No Limit” thinking, with not only my sales goals, but also personal life goals. I left the presentation motivated, and equipped with action steps to immediately implement in order to take my sales numbers to the next level. Her presentation was very enthusiastic, and engaging, and gave me the opportunity to interact and brainstorm with other sales team members in the room. I’m excited to implement the take-aways from this workshop, and focus on a positive “no limit thinking” mindset to execute on the goals I’ve set.” Amanda Jennings – Encompass Home Health

“Hearing Jamie speak was definitely refreshing and inspirational. I attend many events every year and thus listen to quite a few speakers. Without a doubt, Jamie’s perspective on the Peak Performance Mindset was out-of-the-box creative and highly motivating. I have implemented many of her ideas in my own businesses. If you want to improve in anything you do, I highly recommend attending and listening to Jamie’s content. Very Well Done!” – James Hammel

“We all enjoyed Jamie’s presentation. She is a great personality and is an exceptional presenter. We greatly appreciate the time she spent with us.” – Dan Peoples, Executive Vice President of Encompass Home Health