What Makes ProActivate Stand Out

ProActivate is confident that we can help your organization with the hiring challenge.

ProActivate has both regional, national and global reach. We have worked with many different industries through their hiring processes. Our team of talent managers takes the time to thoroughly understand your business and industries needs or desires in filling an open position. We provide qualified candidates to sales leaders proactively and consistently protect the sales leader from lost revenue and productivity of a poor performer, open position or the potential of losing a top performer.

We deal with skill set and mindset knowledge, our team of qualified talent managers recruit top performing candidates while focusing on finding executive talent that coincides with your business structure and mission. ProActivate’s talent managers recruit top talent hirees and can identify the leaders that will drive revenue and productivity within the workplace while making an impact for your business.

Qualified Talent Managers

Here at ProActivate, we know that every business isn’t run the same and everyone has their own mission and values. That is why we take the time to get to know your business and models prior to beginning the talent acquisition search.

Among other Dallas talent recruiting firms, ProActivate has knowledgeable, professional executive recruiters who are constantly out searching for your next potential candidate. We deliver winningsales, marketing, operations, service and leadership talent and sales leadership that is not currently on the market.

Sales Talent:

We pride ourselves on providing highly qualified candidates to sales leaders. Not only do we provide high quality candidates, our executive sales recruiters are top sales talent leaders themselves. Each has an extensive background in the hiring process and takes the time to get to know each of our clients prior to interviewing candidates. ProActivate hires the best sales leaders to help drive your business revenues quickly and cost effectively.

Challenging Model:

ProActivate is always up for the challenge. We build dynamic, trusted alliances with our partners while conducting business professionally, respectfully and fairly. We dedicate a talent manager that will work with you throughout the hiring process. We will conduct an in depth implementation meeting to create and customize your Ideal Candidate Profile to meet your specific needs and expectations. Our executive recruiters are here to help your growing business keep up with your growth.

We pride ourselves on our 3-step process; 2 in-depth interviews each 1-2 hours interviewing on skill-set and mindset nature followed by a simulation evaluation. Our work is done within 2-3 weeks of the initial search. Our executive recruiters are here to help your growing business keep up with your growth.

Driven Value:

ProActivate feeds off the success of our clients. When our clients are not successful in the hiring process, neither are our talent managers. We charge a flat fee for our talent services — unlike some of our competitors who are out for commission. Our talent managers do not get paid on placement but rather on hire therefore, they devote all their time and energy into ensuring that you get the BEST, highly qualified prospect for your growing business. This ensures that we maximize our efforts in making our clients truly happy with the results and that we are focused on recruiting the best candidates possible.

Being a small company in a big world, we know how valuable time and money are to your growing business which is why we offer various program levels to fit your business’s hiring needs. No matter the level in which you sign on for, ProActivate will deliver at least three (3) highly qualified candidates for the position, guaranteeing you a hire.

ProActivate is determined to find the perfect hiring candidate for your growing business. We understand that running a successful business takes priority over the hiring process way too often. That’s why we are here. Our team of professionally trained executive recruiters sets demanding goals to get obtainable goals to help grow your business.

Get in touch with ProActivate today if you are wanting to grow your business but don’t have the time or resources to go through the hiring process. Let one of our talent managers fill the gaps in your growing business. Call us today at 214-720-9922.