Executive Search Recruiter

All growing companies require effective leadership and management for optimal performance. The challenge many organizations face is finding the right executives to fill these critical positions protecting the business from lost revenue and productivity. ProActivate is not structured at all like “headhunting” agencies. We are a leading hiring agency providing dedicated time and executive search recruiting services to each client.

ProActivate uses a strategic approach to find some of the best talent in management and leadership around the country. Our executive search recruiting team has successfully helped hundreds of businesses through the hiring process. If you are in need of assistance finding the perfect candidate to fill an open position, talk to ProActivate.

Our team of talent managers works directly through you to determine what skills, values, and qualifications you are seeking in your next hiree. ProActivate doesn’t just stop after initial interviews. We conduct two one to two hour in-depth interviews and a simulation evaluation. This allows us to offer only the most qualified sales professionals to help continue to grow your business.

ProActivate doesn’t stop at hiring just entry level positions. In fact, we pride ourselves on the variation of job positions we have helped clients fill; from account executives to CEO positions.

ProActivate can help you find specialized sales leadership and management talent for your business including:

  • Account Executives
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Sales and Marketing Team
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Operations
  • General Manager

You will have a dedicated talent manager who is with you through the hiring process giving and receiving feedback. It is our goal to provide you with three top sales professionals. We guarantee at least one hire out of the three ideal candidates.

Choose ProActivate

To be successful in finding top leadership talent in today’s challenging workforce, it’s imperative to have a relationship with an employment recruitment specialist. ProActivate has a hands-on staffing agency ready to help your growing business fill any open position. Whether it be an account executive position or a CEO position, we can hire all. Our employment recruitment team consists of one talent manager per business given dedicated attention where needed to provide top talent for clients.

If your team is searching for top sales talent, turn to ProActivate’s sales talent recruitment team.

To learn more about how ProActivate can help your business’ continuing growth, contact us today.