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We have some exciting news to announce to the sales community. As of November 22nd Grapevine Sales will be partnering with Proactivate to help grow their national footprint and expand into Cincinnati, OH. At Grapevine our mission is to revolutionize B2B sales and improve the lives of sales professionals, and we feel that the team at Proactivate is directly contributing to that mission in a better way than we could do ourselves. Grapevine will continue to exist, however, our team will be focusing their efforts on growing the Proactivate team, client base, and expansion. I will be joining Proactivate as the leader of the Cincinnati office and President of Global Sales.Who is Proactivate and what do they do? Proactivate is a team of highly experienced talent managers who consult directly with VPs of Sales to help build their sales organizations, replace C players with A players, and source the hardest to find talent. They use technology, tools, and specialized methods to attract the best passive candidates and bring them to your sales team.

What is so special about Proactivate is their unique model and approach to sales recruiting. Typical recruiting firms do contingent search, which means they will only be paid if they bring you a candidate who you hire. Many of the candidates they source will not end up being hired, which means much of their time ends up as unpaid work. This causes them to spend only 15-20 minutes looking at someone’s resume before passing them along to the hiring manager (or HR). We believe this causes a huge misalignment with your company. They are motivated to get candidates to you quickly so they get paid, but have no motivation to make sure those candidates are the most qualified and effective candidates they can bring. At Proactivate we work very differently. We believe a partnership model will yield better results, and that is exactly what we have seen over the last 12 years. Instead of contingent search we are pioneering a hybrid approach where our clients commit to working with us to fill their vacancies and in return we spend hours on candidates instead of minutes. We do the hard work of qualifying, selecting, interviewing, and simulating so that when you receive candidates from us they are extremely high quality. Typically our clients hire 1 out of every 3 candidates we send them, and are so satisfied they continue using our services for future talent needs.

Imagine being able to work with a firm where you could actually outsource hiring your sales, marketing, operations, service and leadership talent. Imagine if that firm was committed to working with you until your open positions were filled, and they guaranteed your satisfaction? We believe that would revolutionize how B2B sales teams are built.

Our new offices are located in Kenwood, OH and we would love to connect with you if you are interested in hearing more. Connect with us on LinkedIN and follow our blog HERE. We look forward to serving you!

Timothy WarrenTimothy Warren
President of Global Sales

8044 Montgomery Rd #700
Cincinnati, OH 45236