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Between recruitment, lost time in the field, on-boarding  and ramp up time, the average cost of a single lost rep is over $115,000 (According to a study by DePaul University).  

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We can help you achieve and exceed your goals with top sales talent (sales leadership, sales operations, service and marketing)! Hire the Best and Upgrade the Rest now before one more dollar is lost!

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Talent Managers

Our Talent Managers are not paid on placement but rather to deliver qualified interviews that are guaranteed to match your ideal candidate profile - so they are not coaching candidates on what to say to get the job!

Interview Process

Our in-depth behavioral interview process that is customized for your search - we spend an hour and a half with each candidate digging deep into their success track record, formula for success, methodology, etc. and even do simulation evaluations of key components of the sales call process.

The investment

Our investment is 1/2 or 1/3 of a traditional recruiting fee for so much more value with dedicated resource and guaranteed results!

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