#GIRLSCLUB Scholarship Application

Are you in sales and looking to upgrade your current role into a leadership role with your organization? We are sponsoring ONE sales star with a goal to take their role to the next level with the exclusive #GirlsClub cohort of 2020! We have made it easy for you to apply, scroll down to get started

ProActivate was one of the first sponsors of #GirlsClub because we have a passion for upgrading talent and changing the trajectory of their career.  We are a women owned business and 100% of our team is made of women. So it was a no brainer for ProActivate to partner with #GirlsClub!

If you or someone on your team is a woman who is either new to sales leadership or looking to change the trajectory of their career, let ProActivate and #GirlsClub help you on your way.

Start the application now! 


Do you want a chance to get a seat in this exclusive training program? This 6-month virtual training program is focused on front-line sales management skills and confidence-building activities. It includes live sessions with peers and mentors, chapter meet-ups, and a one-day conference. Only 100 women will secure a spot with #GirlsClub training program. Will YOU be one of them?

ProActivate is sponsoring 1 seller who has the mindset of what it takes to be a leader! At ProActivate we qualify and interview talent on skillset AND mindset. Do you possess any of these mindset components?  

  • Optimism
  • Persistence
  • Self-Disciplined
  • Initiative
  • Communication
  • Accountability

Do you or someone you know looking to upgrade your career to the next level in sales leadership? ProActivate and #GirlsClub would love to help you! Start the application now! 

Start the application process now to change the trajectory of your success!

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