How can increasing your market intel impact your hiring & your company’s bottom line?

An IntelliSelect Report provides qualified guidelines to guide recruitment and locate top sales, marketing, operations, service and leadership talent to identify your next top performer. Our market analytics identifies where they currently work and how to entice them to join your team. Additionally, we can take the extra step by applying that information to your company with the recommendations for capturing and retaining the best of the best.

IntelliSelect leverages more than 20 years of successful search and recruitment expertise to develop a picture of your company’s standing with respect to competitors and the marketplace. Utilizing multiple diverse data sources that extend far beyond our company’s own data analytics, we research the specifics of your company and industry to determine your position. All our findings are synthesized to produce the recommendations that will move you towards securing the best possible talent.

What intel do you need so you can select the best?

 ProActivate offers customized consulting strategies, training and market intelligence to help companies hire the best and upgrade the rest.

  • Identify Ideal Talent Profiles
  • Create Acquisition Strategies to Attract Top Talent
  • Create Qualification Process to Attract Top Talent
  • Evaluate Training Resources
  • Create Sales Process
  • Develop Sales Training Resources
  • Create Sales Leadership Process
  • Develop Sales Leadership Training Resources
  • Turnover and Retention Analysis
  • Develop Sales Strategy
  • Mission and Values Analysis and Development
  • Compensation Analysis and Creation