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sticks and stone - poor job descriptions increasing turnover

Sticks and Stones…Words CAN Hurt You: How Poor Job Descriptions Increase Turnover

What if you could reduce turnover and increase productivity by using one simple trick, regardless of your industry? (One that costs practically nothing and can be implemented almost overnight.) Too good to be true? Not really. Because as surprising as it may sound, research has consistently shown that just by ...
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Why You Need to Hire NOW

ABC (Always be Closing), the old-school motivational phrase for sales professionals might just need to be changed to ABH, for “Always be Hiring.” Why? Because in order to make a sale, you more than a great product and a market niche. You need sales professionals who can perform in the ...
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Rewrite Brain Source Code

Rewriting Your Brain’s Source Code

You Are Not Stuck with a Mind Like a Rusted Steel Trap! Most of us tend to think we are hard-wired one way or another. We believe that we are an optimist or a pessimist, brave or fearful, smart or dumb, good at math or not, bad with directions or ...
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Peak Mindset

Peak Mindset: Power Up Under Stress

As any top performer can tell you, stress is a make or break mental game of football. While biology may have written the playbook, you can still score if you know how to quarterback the calls in your head. That may sound like a bit of a stretch to make ...
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Happy New Year from ProActivate

Happy New Year!

Now buckle up. It’s Time to take it to the Next Level! It’s a new year, and that means a new budget. There are new projects and goals to be figured out. And very often, there’s a new slots to fill (or an old one to backfill). You know the ...
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