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ProActivate is pleased to announce we are certified with the Women's Business Enterprise National Council Southwest.

ProActivate for the Progressive Sales Leader

ProActivate partners with forward-thinking sales leaders to increase profits by increasing revenue, decreasing expenses for finding new talent, and minimizing lost opportunity costs. We do this by our advanced technological approach to matching your company's critical performance characteristics to our A-list of top sales talent in the market today. Through this new, revolutionary approach, we provide our clients with a continuous stream of highly qualified individuals on a consistent basis.

When your organization does not have the sales associates, sales leaders and sales executives it needs, the costs are high. Conservative estimates reveal that the loss of a top-performing sales associate can cost an organization $1 million or more when factors such as lost opportunities, time/resources needed to fill an open position, and ramp up time are considered. These high stakes underscore the importance for sales organizations to be proactive to this volatile situation.
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